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Keep reading for a few tips to tame those oil slicks...


Washing your face regularly is never a bad idea. It can help remove sweat, dirt, and excess oil that might be taking up residence on your face. But if you have oily skin or acne prone skin, it’s important to be careful not to over-cleanse or strip your skin. The great thing about our Pre-Cleanse Oil is that it requires NO WATER. Which means you can wash your face literally anywhere. To use on the go or after the gym…just massage into the skin, being sure to avoid your eye makeup, then wipe off with a dry washcloth. And because our Pre-Cleanse doesn't strip your face there is no need to add more moisturizer. Just reapply your foundation and away you go.


Wait...hold up...I've got oily skin and you want me to moisturize it? Sounds crazy, but trust us, you need to moisturize your skin just as much as any other skin type. That's because oily skin is often caused by dehydrated skin. I know it's blowing your mind...but because your skin is dry your body is throwing your oil production into overdrive to compensate. Using a moisturizer like our Hydrating Beauty Oil that uses squalane oil, an oil that mimics the oil your body makes naturally, will help your body manage its own oil production.


Using a liquid foundation on oily skin can be a little like pouring gasoline on a fire. Try finding a good mineral powder foundation. It can provide you coverage without adding extra shine.


My mom used to tell me this ALL THE TIME and as much as I hate to say it, she was right! You scroll your phone, and then set your head in your hand. You grab the cart at the grocery store, the steering wheel, pet your dog, grab door knobs, scratch your head… or your butt for that matter.. And then touch your face. It makes it oily and oh so acne prone.