The Sisterhood x Erin is a unique membership experience, combining traditional VIP perks with your very own girl-gang/hype squad. 

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The Sisterhood Membership


Risk free. Cancel anytime.

What are the traditional VIP perks?

  • Free shipping on the entire site
  • Monthly exclusive discounts (thoughtfully designed so you get your monthly fee back in savings).
  • Early access to all new products
  • Birthday gift
  • Possibility to win a free gift monthly

What is the girl-gang aspect of this?

It's not the reason most people join (the traditional VIP perks alone make it SO worth it), but it's often people's favorite part of The Sisterhood.

Content exclusives include:
>> Monthly affirmations
>> LIVE "ask anything" coffee hours with Erin and the girls
>> Quarterly playlists to raise your vibe
>> Erin's favorite things
>> Your very own girl-gang

The girl-gang is hosted in Facebook group (this is also where Erin's live coffee hours are hosted) filled with the most inspiring & supportive women you've ever had the opportunity to surround yourself with.

Don't let the idea of Facebook group turn you away. Most of them are lame at best and a complete hostage situation at worst. Ours is different, we guarantee it.

All of the content is also emailed to you & you can catch the lives after the fact in your online portal. (This means you can have it all without ever opening Facebook.)

Can I cancel?

Cancel anytime, no questions asked. We have the steps right in the portal.

How do I access my membership benefits?

We send everything via email, we post directly into the Facebook group & you can log in to your online portal anytime.
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The Sisterhood Membership


Risk free. Cancel anytime.