The thing about trends is they always SEEM like a must in the moment, it isn’t until later they bite you in the ass. 

The beloved Hyaluronic Acid is next up on the trend chopping block as many studies (like this one) have recently come out showing that cancer cells FEED off of hyaluronic acid

In other words --> high levels of hyaluronic acid in the body is a nutrient for cancer cells.

Now, before you shit your pants and go into a full scale panic, let’s unpack it…

Without question, stop taking any kind of oral hyaluronic acid. There are some collagen brands on the market that include hyaluronic acid in their blends, and supplements that provide pure hyaluronic acid capsules. Trash those immediately. Too risky.

Our bodies make Hyaluronic Acid, but the research shows there seems to be a tipping point in which too much or high levels begin to feed cancers. We don’t know enough about what that tipping point is yet. 

We don’t yet know how much hyaluronic acid is absorbed into the body when it’s applied topically. Could be very little, could be a lot. 

The new studies do raise new questions around filler.

The new studies raise a lot of new questions about future treatment of cancer... like will it involve extraction of hyaluronic acid from the body?

Anywho, ya know what hydrates better than hyaluronic acid and doesn’t cause cancer? Hydrating Beauty Oil.

Ya know what’s not a trend and will never bite you in the ass? SKINxErin.


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