It’s almost here. The time of year where we spend A LOT of time with our family, whether we like it or not. For some of us that time of year ends with a deepening of the angry 11’s and a few more sessions with our therapist.

So here is a Family Holiday Survival Guide from your friends at SKINxErin, to help you not only survive, but look good doing it

When the family drama really heats up and it’s time to choose between laughing or crying, remember… laugh lines are way better than frown lines. We’ll take smile lines over angry 11’s any day. 

When you’ve hit max capacity for dysfunction and you want to pinch everyone's head off.. take a beat. Volunteer to run to the liquor store and get more tequila, or go to your room and wash your face. Do whatever you’ve got to do to buy yourself some alone time, take some deep breaths, and reset.

Spikes in cortisol can leave us looking puffy. Give your face some extra love in the morning with a lymphatic massage. This will not only help you look refreshed, but will also help flush some of those excess stress hormones and make you FEEL refreshed as well. 

You’re the star of your show. Only you can decide if you’ll be spending your holidays in a sitcom or a horror movie. All we’re saying is if we’re choosing between Penny Hofstadter from Big Bang Theory and Laurie Strode from Halloween… we choose the adorable one that always has a full wine glass. 

And remember, if Stevie Nicks managed to wash her face every single night (even in the dark years when she was on a coke binge)you can make it happen with a wine buzz and your MIL on your LAST NERVE.

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