Seems like when it comes to taking care of your skin there are more products to choose from than there are painted faces at a KISS concert. And who the hell has time to apply 40+ products to their face EVERY day and night (not us).

Here are five beauty products (in our opinion) that you could LEAVE OUT of your beauty routine and still have spotlight ready skin.


It’s soooo not necessary. You get just as good of results using the same products you use on the rest of your face skin. Furthermore, a lot of times “eye creams” contain pore clogging ingredients that can lead to blackheads or milia.


Want to jack up the pH of your skin in a hurry, try a toner. And don’t even get me started on the people that use ACV to tone. Good lord. It hurts my face to even think about it. 


Listen, if you’re gonna scrub your face please for the love of God don’t use anything jagged. And make sure there’s an element of protection between you and the scrub. That’s actually good life advice now that I see it all typed out. 


I understand the idea behind thick face creams, but the results just aren’t there. Thick creams FEEL good in the moment, but they contain heavy waxes that can build up on the skin and actually prevent skin from getting truly hydrated… so essentially dry skin stays dry. Exhibit A: you apply thick hand lotion every hour on the hour, yet those hands are still cracked and dry.