Avoiding stress is like avoiding your weird neighbor, at some point you're gonna bump into each other.

Sometimes juggling work, family, friends, and the inevitable “everything shower” to maintain basic hygiene can feel a lot like riding a unicycle through the pits of hell.

The thing is, stress ALWAYS shows up on your face first in a plethora of ways: break outs, fine lines, dry skin, eyebrow hair turning white… no? Just me?

Stress causes damage on a molecular level by:

❌negatively affecting hormones

❌manipulating the proteins that protect your outer layer of skin

❌and diminishing your skin's natural elasticity. 

That’s when you need reinforcements, aka: SKINxErin. SKINxErin

✔️balances your body’s natural oil production

✔️accelerates healing

✔️and strengthens your skin on a molecular level. 

So your skin looks and feels healthy and happy, even when outside factors are anything but. 

Life is extra hard sometimes, but our face doesn’t have to tell the tale. Not as long as SKINxErin sits nicely atop your bathroom counter. 

Let SKINxErin Help...

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