SKINxErin: The Official Skincare of Summer

What screams sultry summer more than naturally glowing skin? Throw in a margarita and a pool floaty and you've reached summertime perfection.

It's not enough for us to give you effortlessly beautiful and healthy skin, SKINxERIN also comes in clutch for many other summer applications, making it a summer skincare essential.


The temps are heating up and it's time to shed that wooly rug you've been growing on your legs. That being said.. razor burn, bumps, and dry patches can be a real buzz kill.

The secret to touchably smooth legs is our Pre-Cleanse Oil. In addition to cleansing your face, it also makes a stellar shaving balm. 

SKINxErin Pre-Cleanse Oil not only softens hair, reduces irritation, and protects skin.. It also keeps your skin hydrated AND has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

Just apply the Pre-Cleanse Oil to your legs, shave, rinse, and fall in love.


There are so many things we love about summer - basking in the warm sun, a dip in a refreshing pool, driving with the windows down. And as luck would have it, those things are hell on your hair.

But fear not, SKINxErin Hydrating Beauty Oil is the tall drink of water your dried out tresses have been looking for. 

Just massage a few drops onto your fingertips and gently work it into your dry ends. It's a quick way to replenish the nutrients summertime has stripped from your hair.


Raise your hand if you know that sun burns are TERRIBLE for your skin. *raises hand*

Now raise your hand if you're still guilty of getting burned at least once a year. *also raises hand*

We really can't stress how important it is to wear sunscreen and practice sun safety. 

We also know that shit happens and sometimes you get burned. 

If at the end of a day of fun and sun you're feeling a little red and raw, Perfecting Night Oil is the ultimate healer. It’s high levels of antioxidants dramatically increase healing and bring your chances of peeling way down. 

Apply liberally to the affected area to help soothe pain, heal damaged skin, and prevent peeling.

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