Smooth Skin Mini-Kit


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This mini-kit includes:

  • 2oz travel size Pre-Cleanse Oil
  • Geometric Zippered Bag
  • NEW Cleansing Facial Cloth

SKIN Pre-Cleanse Oil paired with the gentle exfoliant from our new cleansing facial cloth, is the perfect recipe for smooth, glowing, clear skin.

As you age, cell regeneration slows down.  If you don't exfoliate, dead skin cells pile up, making skin dull, rough, and dry.  Dull, rough, dry skin CRACKS.. just like a leather boot. And using harsh abrasives to exfoliate or cleanse the skin can cause damage and inflammation, which then leads to wrinkles and redness - and I have no time for that.

Our Pre-Cleanse Oil contains antimicrobial properties + vitamin e + antioxidants + and polyphenols to cleanse, soothe, and reverse signs of aging.  While the gentle exfoliation from the SKIN cleansing cloth deep cleans and removes dead skin cells, leaving behind smooth, glowing skin.

How to use:

  • Use SKIN Pre-Cleanse oil both AM/PM.  Apply liberally over your face and neck, allowing any makeup to dissolve and any cellular turnover from the night to be carried away.  Feel free to give yourself a light lymphatic facial massage with this oil as well to reduce puffiness. To remove oil and lightly exfoliate the skin, simply wipe your face gently with SKIN facial cloth (either dry or damp, depending on which feels better to you).  For extra exfoliation, use small circular motions as you remove the cleansing oil. Then cleanse as usual with any traditional cleanser, should you choose. Pat skin dry and follow with Hydrating Beauty Oil and/or Perfecting Night Oil. 

Pre-Cleanse Ingredients:

  • 100% Grapeseed Oil

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